It’s time to get the maximum return from finance! As I wrote this sentence, I realized that this sounds like an advertising slogan. Nothing could be further from the truth, together with my colleagues I have been implementing this sentence for more than 10 years.

An organization’s entire focus should be to achieve its strategic goals. Every process that takes place, every investment that is made and all working hours within an organization must therefore be focused on supporting this. Any process that is not part of this is meaningless and distracts from the real goal.

The most effective processes, maximum support by systems, motivated and competent employees and of course reliable data are necessary ingredients to be able to steer and achieve the organization’s objectives as quickly as possible.

Despite that this all sounds rather logical, I see the following at many organizations:

A complete management report within five working days is missing.
Attention to Working Capital Management is marginal.
Systems are suboptimal and do not communicate with each other.
Excel is the guideline for every report.
The focus is too much on financial data and business control has limited efficiency due to a lack of qualitative operational data.
Departments within the organizations act as “islands” with their own administration and reports, real-time insight is lacking and there are few “facts behind figures”.

These symptoms are precisely the reason that we support ambitious companies with Bluefield to get the most out of finance.

We do this through a unique hands-on approach aimed at optimally coordinating processes, data, registration, people and systems.

Based on a QuickScan, we analyze the current situation and compare it with the desired situation. This results in a project plan aimed at maximizing standardization and automating accounting. The focus of financial control is fully focused on compliance and working capital management. Reports are fully automated and provide real-time insight into operational and financial data, and business intelligence plays an important role for analysis trends and forecasts. The focus of finance shifts from registration to business control and the planning & control cycle.

Not every organization has undergone the necessary finance transformation from registration to anticipation, in my view that should end! Now is the perfect moment to go to “the next level” with us and we call on everyone:

Join the Finance Transformation!